“Dear Bobbi: I wanted to send a picture of Scruffy and give you an update. He is doing wonderfully and has completely adjusted to his new life and is such a GREAT DOG!!!!! Scruffy is doing very well  …. joyful and full of love and energy, an intelligent and loving boy. He is completely housebroken and has been learning his commands. On Friday we have our first obedience class. I am very excited.

“Ron and I cannot believe how much love and laughter Scruffy has brought to our lives. Ron ADORES him and we all go for our walks together. We are a family and Scruffy completes us.

Thank you for allowing us to have Scruffy and most of all for rescuing this wonderful dog. Thank you for having such a wonderful person like Nancy Suchoff as a Foster Mom.

“We just wanted to let you know that we are giving him the love, the life and home he deserves.”

Kimberley Heurlin,



“What a great weekend at our first Nationals!
Our goal was to be in top 10 scores in our height category and we met our goal in 4 different classes.

Scruffy earned 6 qualifying scores at Nationals with a 3rd place Snooker …so excited!!
He also earned ( but not celebrated) a second C-ATCH (Agility Trial Champion.

I am so grateful to all my agility class instructors and coaches and friends. Thank you for the countless hours of patience and friendship.
Congratulations to all competitors.

A special thank you to Leslie Marshall Deb Desjardine and my husband Ronald Heurlin. Great to see EMAC members!!! Love you ladies!!

Always grateful to first foster mom Nancy Suchoff and Chesed Rescue who gave Scruffy his first chance at a new life.”