Bella, now Zoey,  came to Chesed so beaten down by life. Bella was owned by a drug user, who threw her out on the streets to fend for herself. A kindly neighbor took pity on the scraggly “poodle” and brought her to us. Barry and Linda fostered Bella where she grew more trusting each day. A wonderful woman named Ella Monticino, looking for a poodle, came to meet her. They immediately bonded at the first meeting. Bella laid her head on Ella’s lap as if to say “I’m home.” Below is the update:
Bobbi,  Zoey is the love of my life!  She had so many issues, barking and or growling at all the dogs when we walked. When  I first tried to brush her she showed her teeth and growled.  I have worked lovingly and with much patience. She has come a LONG way and we love each other so much.  She is one of the smartest dogs I have ever known.  Her hair has grown in somewhat.  She had her first grooming three weeks ago. She loves her bath.  We walk two miles every morning and she has mellowed out so much, except when she sees the squirrels, then she pulls me . Now, she has made friends with several dogs and loves the children in my neighborhood  and they love her. They all know Zoey!
She has a basket full of toys and loves to play.
I could go on and on. but to let you KNOW Zoey is mine and she loves me dearly.
Thank You
Ella & Zoey (the wonder dog)