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After years of rescuing stray, unwanted pets from the streets and shelters, I had a vision of an organization that could do this on a greater level. The concept of Chesed, for abused and unwanted pets was born in 2004, when the word rescue didn’t really exist. Once we received all our paperwork approvals from the State and IRS, we wasted no time getting to county shelters, where euthanization was the daily norm. The unfortunates, not adopted, or having medical problems, left with us weekly. Through the years, Chesed has rescued, rehabilitated, and rehomed thousands of pets. Never lowering our standards for quality veterinary care for all pets in our system, or searching for the best and hopefully permanent home. We have also reached out to the community, helping pets in need without taking them into rescue. This is simply helping pet owners in financial distress, that love their pets and don’t want to relinquish them. Our dream of a community pet food bank and facility where pet owners can get supplies for free or greatly reduced, has come to fruition. Lastly, we reach out to the next generation to teach responsible pet ownership and enlighten them about the plight of homeless pets. I’m so proud to have planted a seed, which has grown into a mighty oak, with self-less devoted volunteers.

Bobbi Miller, Founder, 2004

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