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Bobbi MillerFor many years I rescued stray and unwanted pets from the streets and shelters. There were no options for shelter pets that were not quickly adopted. They were euthanized. The concept of “rescue” didn’t exist. In the early 2000’s I had a vision of an organization that could intervene in the shelter system, take the animals not wanted, help them with medical care, and place them in homes. To get the word out about shelters, animal homelessness, and encourage people to give a discarded pet a second chance rather than purchasing one. The concept of Chesed (meaning “lovingkindness”), for abused and unwanted pets was born. Through the years, Chesed has rescued, rehabilitated, and rehomed thousands of pets. Never lowering our standards for quality veterinary care for all pets in our system, or searching for the best and hopefully permanent home.

Since the beginning, Chesed has reached out to the community to provide Humane Education Programs, in everything from pre-school through high school. We have met with both Boy Scout and Girl Scout chapters to teach about rescue. Finally, we have created an organization that helps people as well as their pets. We provide necessary pet-related items from food to crates to people needing them. We offer vet care to people unable to afford their pets through crisis times.

I am very proud of the way Chesed has grown, and the differences we have made.

Bobbi Miller,
Founder, 2004

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